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Total Quality Management
Case Study write up
( Case 4-1 : Ames Rubber Corporation: Realizing Multiple Benefits through Improved Quality )

Q1: Discuss the manner in which Ames implemented its Excellence through Quality program. Did the company place its emphasis in the right areas? Explain your answer. The process is designed to involve all Teammates in achieving a common goal - the full satisfaction of internal and external customer needs through total quality in every endeavor. The program content many keys:

1- Involvement Groups were started in all work units, and they became a primary communications and training vehicle. The groups meet at least once a month, and everyone at Ames Rubber is a member. 2- Every teammate receives 24 hours of basic training in quality principles, techniques, and tools, and each is able to contribute to quality and performance improvement by using the nine-step QIP or six-step PSP. 3- Systems were established to track rejects and cost of quality. Reject tracking immediately led to "Pareto thinking" and helped to isolate parts that were causing the firm's greatest problems. 4- Yield Improvement Teams were launched to examine rejects by cause and to eliminate them.

Q2: In developing its Excellence through Quality program, Ames initially benchmarked against Xerox. Is benchmarking against another company’s quality program a good idea? What are the potential hazards and benefits involved? The comparison of one company's practices and performance against another one in the practice of benchmarking is a good idea. As it provides a chance to identify standards, or "best practices," to apply in measuring and improving performance. By benchmarking, the company can provide a direction of What it’s doing, How you're doing it , How others do it , How well you're doing it in reference to measures ,What and how to improve. Thus, this direction will facilitate the quality improvement in the company.

Q3: Discuss the benefits that Ames...
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