John Moody Case Study

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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John Moody

What should be done to turn around the Organization?

Charlotte Wilson

Chancellor University

This paper explores a case study in which an organization went into a recession and had to reorganize everything. I will be explaining how recession works and what happens in a recession. I will also talk about planning and organization of a business. We will also explore what people have to do when in a recession.

John Moody
What Should be Done to Turn Around the Organization

Often time's people in this country today, take for-granted the comfort they have established over the past several years. A booming economy and a bull market has set the standard for today's society, giving us an optimistic outlook for tomorrow. However more and more these days, people are starting to use that dirty little word that would make any investor cringe. That little nine-letter word that over the years has toppled giants, crushed business, and sent some into poverty. Like a disease it rapidly moves about, and if not addressed in the proper manner could lead to the death, of a once raging market place. The recession has impacted almost everyone in our surrounding community, whether they were impacted directly or indirectly. It has impacted local small businesses, large industries and companies, as well as individuals and families. All people in the economy are impacted by a recession. However, from the current information that I have obtained, it looks as if the economy is on the rise and will soon be back to normal. Recession is a serious issue, but hopefully our current let down in economy has been a learning experience and next time we will be better prepared and can prevent an equal disaster.

Quality cut downs may not be noticeable in the short-run but in the long run consumers will notice if a company feels tries to save some money by cutting down on the quality of their products. If a company has developed a successful, great brand experience...
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