Case Study Managing a Systems Development Project

Topics: Project management, Accounts payable, Risk management Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Elizabeth A. Humphrey
Dr. Tim Brueggemann
November 11, 2012

Managing a Systems Development Project at consumer and Industrial Products, Inc.

Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc manufacture a variety of different products for individuals and businesses. Due to ineffective accounts payable system, Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc started a new project called Payables Audit Systems (PAS). The process of beginning this new project was taken very seriously. Roles were assigned and defined. Ted Anderson was the director of the project. Peter Shaw was assigned the responsibility of user project manager. The user project manager was “responsible for making sure that the system meets the user department’s business needs and that the system is completed on time.” (DeHayes, et al) Linda Watkins was given the duty of being the project director, whose main responsibility was to “manage the IS people on the project.” (DeHayes, et al) Harry Carter was assigned the job of IS supervisor. The IS supervisor “was responsible for integrating all projects in the disbursements area and for allocating IS people to these projects.” (DeHayes, et al) A steering group was also appointed and chaired by Ted Anderson. “The role of the steering group was to approve budgets, determine the business direction of the project, and make any necessary decisions.” (DeHayes, et al.)Communication was a very important part of this project. Therefore, everyone who was chosen to work on the PAS project had to have good communication skills.

Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc had been using the CIMS (Computerized Invoice Matching System) system. This system would basically match invoices to purchase orders generated by the computer. Those invoices would then be paid if everything matched. If one minute detail didn’t match, the invoice would not be paid; delaying may accounts payable for an extended period of time. This system was not good for Consumer and...
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