Case Study: Dcit Resources Access

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Kelny Tan
Bachelor of Information technology (Fulltime) | 3175493
Kelny Tan
Bachelor of Information technology (Fulltime) | 3175493
Case Study: “DCIT Resource Access”

Case Study: “DCIT Resource Access”

INFT2040 Database management system
Assignment 1
INFT2040 Database management system
Assignment 1

Table of Content
Data Requirements2
Transaction Requirements3
Data Manipulation3
Query Transaction3
Business Rule3
EER Model5
EER Model Documentation6

The Case Study of “DCIT Resource Access”
The School of Design, Communication and IT (DCIT) of The University of Newcastle, Australia, has requested you, a student of the school, to develop a database system project to record the students and staffs that borrow resources for assignments and projects, such as cameras, speakers, software, CDs, etc. This project is named “DCIT Resource Access”. Data Requirements

Resources are classified into 2 types: moveable (e.g. cameras, microphones, etc.) and immoveable (e.g. lab, classrooms, etc.). Every resources is identified by the system by their unique id, description and present status (e.g. ‘Damaged’). For moveable resources, they are identified by their name, make, manufacturer, model, year and asset value. Immoveable resources are identified by their capacities. Category

Each resources is categorized to a category. The category has a unique code, name, description and max time allowed to borrow/book. Location
Each resources is located within several locations. The locations have a unique id, a room, building and campus. Members
Members (Staffs and students whom are enrolled to courses offered by the School of DCIT) have a unique id, name, address, phone, status and a comment field. Course
Course information about course offerings by the School of DCIT and student enrolments are maintained by the system. A course offering has a unique offering id, course id, name, semester offered, year offered, date the course begins and date the course ends. Privileges

There is no limit for staffs to use or borrow the resources from the School, however, the students are limited by the privileges assigned to courses they enroll to. Each privileges has name, description, category and maximum amount of resources that can be borrowed or booked based on the category. Loan

A member can loan moveable resources based on his/her privileges. Information about the resources loaned, member lending the resource, date and time loaned, due date and time, and ate and time returned are maintained in the system. Acquisition

A member can request a new acquisition to the School. An acquisition contains person requesting acquisition, item name, make, manufacturer, model, year, description and urgency, Administrator
The administrator of the system assigns a status of acquisition, a fund code, vendor code, price and any other notes pertaining the request. Reservation
Members can reserve resources that their privileges allow. Reservation has the date and time the item is required and a due date and time. Note: No two reservation should conflict! Transaction Requirements

Data Manipulation
a) Insert/Delete/Update the lists of provided resources.
b) Insert/Sort the name of borrowed resources and the borrowers. c) Insert/Delete/Update the reservation list.
Query Transaction
a) Display the lists of the items loaned along with the borrower. b) Display the name of items that the members may loan.
c) Display the updated list of items.
d) Display the information of the borrowers whom are the members of the school. e) Display the name of the borrowed items with the subjects related to them. f) Display the borrow and return date of the items.

g) Display the list of reserved resources....
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