Case Study: Cool Waters Year in Review 2008

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  • Published : April 2, 2008
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The case study: Cool Waters Year in Review 2008 is a comprehensive case study of an actual firm that is currently operating in Trinidad and Tobago. The Cool Waters case touches aspects of both financial and managerial accounting at an advanced level, as well as decision-making at an advanced managerial level. Although it is predominantly fictional, it is based on a number of actual events that took place within the local firm. The case material was prepared for students who are currently in Final Year BSc Accounting Major and Accounting Special, and is also appropriate for Level II ACCA students. The objectives of this case would be to test the ability of students to recognise and understand the relationship between a parent company and its subsidiary’s assets, the advantages and disadvantages of leasing versus buying capital assets, break even analysis for a multi-product firm, capital allowances and choice of investment for the future changes in market conditions. Further, it tests the students’ ability to think outside the box, by bringing in several conditions and considerations that are implicitly mentioned in the case material. This case study is ideal for students to be done in groups of three to five persons. It is sufficient enough for students to complete within a two-week period, given additional course requirements, and semester workload. Ideally, the case should be assessed out of 45 marks, with 40 marks going to case analysis and 5 marks going towards presentation. Keywords: Parent-Subsidiary, Buy versus Lease, Break Even Multi-product firm, Capital Allowance. CASE STUDY: COOL WATERS YEAR IN REVIEW 2008

Cool Waters Products Limited, the largest and most modern water plant in the Caribbean was established in 1999. From the initial stage of blowing bottles to marketing the product aggressively both locally and regionally, Cool Waters Products Limited continues to grow as each year goes by. Starting with 12 employees, including only one salesman, the accomplishment of the company has been tremendous. The company’s products include 500 ml pouches, 650 ml regular, 650 ml Sports, 1.5 Litres, a new and improved 1 Gallon package, 5 Litres as well as 5 Gallon Bottles that are used for our Water Coolers that can be bought or rented. Last but not least, Cool Waters Products Limited strives on giving the best quality water along with the best service to you our customers. Be assured that our water is tested on a weekly basis from CARIRI (Caribbean Industrial Research Institute) and meets the high requirements of the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association). Start 2008

The financial year of 2008 for the Cool Waters Company started of with several hurdles, which saw the business being in the public business forum, even to point where it grabbed local headlines by being the subject of a national Parliamentary Debate. The following are excerpts from several articles in the local press, about a simple business transaction, which saw Cool Waters being linked to a controversial portion of prime agricultural land. ‘The Finance Minister and Agriculture Minister must use the first sitting of the Parliament to tell the nation the exact terms of the reported multi-million-dollar deal that saw Cool Waters Products buying Pierre Renee Trinidad Ltd and inheriting the long-term lease of 450 acres of State land.’ From the article: ‘Explain Cool Waters’ buyout of Pierre Renee’ By P. Boop Trini-Guard, Sunday 25th November 2007. ‘At the February 22 sitting of the Senate, Opposition Chief Whip said he had information that Cool Waters had taken over the PR lease and intended to set up a soft drink factory at the Lime Grave Estate’. From the article: ‘No permission to build bottling plant’ By P. Boop Trini-Guard, Sunday 2nd March 2008. The deal was supposedly between the Parent Company, which owned Pierre Renee, and Cool Waters ltd, where it was alleged that Cool Waters made a 100% share purchase of Pierre...
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