Case Study Bill and Melinda Gates Leadership

Topics: Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pages: 6 (2118 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Case summary
1. What do you think Bill and Melinda Gate’s personality traits are for each of the Big Five dimensions? Compare the two. Big Five Dimensions
* Surgency: leadership & extraversion traits
* Agreeableness: traits related to getting along with people * Adjustment: traits related to emotional stability
* Conscientiousness: traits related to achievement
* Openness to experience: being willing to change and try new things Comparing (Xem cái bảng trong slide)
* Bill Gates
* Melinda Gates

2. Which of the nine traits of effective leaders would you say has had the greatest impact on Bill and Melinda Gates’s success? Compare the two. Bill Gates
* First is dominance. Bill Gates is dominance inhis management whereas he led the team and he takes the full charge over the team. Even the meeting that conducted with Bill Gates is named as “Bill” Meetings proves that he is dominance. He also interrupts the meeting and questions the meeting members. This shows that he is dominance in his management. * Second is high energy. Bill Gates is high energy person who actively participate in the firm’s primary activities. Besides the management activities, he also participates in software development. Even he participates in and coordinates business units although he is no longer hold Chief Executive Officer Post in the Microsoft firm. * Third is self-confidence. Bill Gates has serious self confidence which was highly contribute to his success. Even from his young age, Bill Gates self-confidence was visible whereas he, who was in his 20s, handling small Microsoft Company, convinced the giant IBM firm to include his newly written Operating System. This wouldn’t be possible if he did not present himself withfull of self-confidence. * Fourth is intelligence. Bill Gates is of course intelligence from his early age itself. This statement is based on his history whereashe developed a version of programming language BASIC for the first microcomputer. Microcomputer wasn’t popular that time and developing a programming language for the new born machines aren’t easy but yet he made it possible through his intelligence. * Fifth is flexibility. Bill Gates was quite reasonable and flexible in his management. Although he is dominant, he still encouraged the employees and team members to think creativity and all their inputs are welcome and never limited. A good product would be born from good idea regardless on how ridicules the idea is. Therefore he was quite flexible and this trait had resulted Microsoft to continuously grow with new innovations including several business units. Further to this, according to the text, Bill Gates delegates authority to managers to run their independent departments and proves he is flexible * Sixth is internal locus of control. Bill Gates was dedicated and focused on his target and he brought the firm in that right direction. Hehad never blamed any other parties over his decision and he was strict on his decision. The key point is, he does know what he intended to do and he did so. This leads to his success at young age and drastic growth of Microsoft. * Seventh is integrity. Bill Gates is honest to himself and the firm. He had never cheated or misleads any team players and he worked with numbers of employees with less conflict. Although there was argument arise in his meeting, his integrity never changed and what ever he promised the employees has been execute. For instance, some of the earlier employees of Microsoft’s are millionaires today because he promised them the benefit and as the firm grow, the employees also grow and they are fulfilled with what he promised. Emphasize his honesty in business. * Eighth is stability. Bill Gates is emotionally in control. He had never let his emotions to take over or influence his decisions. He is always positive in his decisions. His management was effectiveness and very successful since he ran the...
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