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Topics: Broadband, Economics, Broadband Internet access Pages: 6 (2141 words) Published: May 12, 2013
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Global network is the communications network which across the entire planet and it has made new forms of social interaction, activities and organizations, also it can instant messaging from any connection point to another. Because of its basic features, therefore, it has a huge impact on society, such as widespread availability and access (Wikipedia). Today, Australia's broadband access have poor ranking of 18th in the OECD, in order to save time, money and improve the internet technology for the society of Australia, so Australia government flower large amount of money constructs NBN. NBN means that national broadband network, it is the products of global network development which follow the theory of global network development .It satisfy the demand of society and people, and it also can satisfy the demand of economic growth. Therefore, NBN can help Australian family to save people limited time through long-distance network. Such as: remote work, study, health, education and other information activities.  Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy said that ‘the NBN will provide all Australians with reliable, ubiquitous, high-speed broadband which will change the way we work, the way we do business, the way we live our lives, and the way we interact with each other, Our vision is about more than just technology, it is about creating a more connected community that will drive productivity and Australian innovation’ (Hudson, 2011). Global network can be analyzed from three aspects, first one is system thinking. Systems thinking guide people to think and believe that system as a whole, rather than a separate part. Human should think about their future life, which including economic, social, cultural and the living environmental (Bob Bill &Geoff 2002, p 189). Global network will meet the needs of present human being. According to Mani and Cavana (2007, p4) ‘System thinking offers a new way of thinking based on the primacy of the ‘whole’ and of relationships.’ In addition, it can be approach to problem solving. So system thinking is relevant to management, organizational problems and other societal challenges. They have to consider the overall, not only one points and system thinking can help them link all points together. It can help people to think deeply before they have actual work. So system thinking is very helpful to the global network, global...
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