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Topics: Shaving, Marketing, Razor Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Case Study: Stubble Trouble page 90
(a) The first unique selling point is that it gives the closest shave without irritation, this is one of the basic needs by all customers consuming on razors. Second the razor the blades shaving as close on the first stroke as on last, this means that the product is time saving, and makes shaving organized, again another demand by all customers. Finally, the color of the razor is the third unique selling point, the design of the razor attracts many customers, such masculine colors encourage customers to buy such product, since it is a product used as a daily rhythm in ones life, the design does matter. The promotion by sports stars also encourages fans of such athletes to consume on the product.

(b) The first influence for development is that men always search for the product that provides the closest and most efficient shave since its part of a daily rhythm. Secondly, as compare to Wilkinson Sword, Gillette had the urge to innovate in order to remain as the dominant one in the market.

(c) I would say that the product would be a cash cow because it has a large market share of 74%, and has a low market growth rate because people always need shavers but the amount of need doesn’t really change. In a few years the product could successfully be a star if the research and development come up with a brand whole new idea and technology the product may grow at a high market rate.

(d) I think it wasn’t necessary for Gillette to release the Fusion Power Stealth when it had such high market share, because most customers where already satisfied by the previous razor and might not even consider upgrading to this one. All the customers of Gillette have brand loyalty so even though the upgrade didn’t exist they would have remained with Gillette while on the other side Wilkinson Sword’s customers also have brand loyalty towards their products, so with Gillette’s upgrade, Sword’s customers would have remained loyal...
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