Case Report: Hms Pinafore

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Advertising Pages: 6 (1726 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Part 1: Executive Summary
In order to immediately initiate the activities required for the organization and execution of the performances at the Talbot Theatre, scheduled to take place from Jan 13th and Jan 22nd next year, I, as a president of Gilbert and Sulivan (G&S) Society of the University of Western Ontario, approved the budget for the amount of $28,000. This society has relied on Francis Venden Hoven to organize and produce this event. Francis will have to hire 40% of the cast and crew, some musicians, a publicity director and a set designer and the society will provide the musical director and 60% of the crew and cast from volunteer students and community. The budget cover all the basic supplies needed, publicity costs, honoraria, theatre shop fees, costumes, advertising and any other service needed. Francis and his team will observe the exam period on mid December and also the Christmas holiday season as the University will be closed. Francis will have to make a network plan, identify the critical activities and execute the plan accordingly. From now on, we will meet with Francis and his team bi-weekly to follow-up the plan and ensure the timing and quality of the event.

I. Process Elements /Table of Content Page
Part 1 Executive Summary 2
Part 2 Table of Contents 3
II. Issue with Impact Analysis
Part 3 Immediate and Systemic issues 4
III. Environmental & Root Cause Analysis
Part 4 Qualitative Analysis 5
Part 5 Quantitative Analysis 7
IV. List Recommandations
Part 6 Recommandations 9
V .Implementation, Monitor & Control
Part 7 Implementation, Monitor & Control 10

Part 3: Immediate and Systemic issues
1. No formal organization chart. This issue could potentially affect the communication. Control and reporting will be crucial and challenging during every stages of the project. 2. Producer, Francis Venden Hoven, and his assistant are full-time students and took this job for a single season. Also, Francis does not have any experience as a producer. This also means a real challenge. 3. The University Students’ Council relies mostly on volunteers for this type of events and it will be no easy to speed up when needed. They are committed but doing other activities and if they are pushed, they may quit. This means a disadvantage for Francis and will need to do his best to follow the schedule or shorten it in other activities rather than those related to crew, cast and musicians. 4. Neither Francis nor his collaborators have any experience in Project Management techniques and they will require the assistance of others who have experience on this field. 5. HMS Pinafore performance is scheduled to take place from Jan 13th to Jan 22nd just after Christmas holidays and exams period, this is a potential menace to quality of people’s performance. 6. Because of the tight schedule, working on weekends is needed which could get the crew, cast and organizers exhausted. Part 4: Qualitative Analysis

The producer Francis Venden Hoven of a stage show society needs to use network planning as part of project management to ensure that 10 performances are scheduled well over the next four months. Students will have to construct a network diagram, identify the critical path, and address questions regarding activity crashing. What is particularly unique is that they will have to create a list from the data presented to them. The meeting depicts the following roles of the students:

Producer: Francis Vanden Hoyen, who is the responsible for leading the project to the end. Assistant: Deborah Carraro will be in charge of the printing the program, advertising coordination and tickets sales. Costume coordinator: Mona Bryden will be in charge of all costume issues, including the costume parade and dress rehearsal. Artistic director: Elizabeth who will be in charge of all the music issues. The first meeting took...
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