Case Analysis: Dove

Topics: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, Advertising, Culture Pages: 5 (1583 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Dove: Evolution of a brand

Unilever’s Dove is one of the leading companies in the health and beauty industry. Dove has launched an advertising campaign named “The Campaign for Real Beauty” to general the attention of the public in order to change the traditional definition of beauty and improve their brand awareness. Dove took the advantages of new social media by uploading the advertisements on YouTube and allowed people to give comments on the “Real Beauty” story. The advertising endorsement of this campaign was different from the normal advertising campaign in this industry. For example, Dove hired some normal or even slightly over-sized women instead of celebrities as their models to ask the pubic to define whether it is oversized or outstanding. As the matter of fact, this campaign successfully attracted the public attention but it still has certain potential risks. In that case, should the Unilever continue the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty? My answer is positive but with certain reservations due to the fact that the campaign didn’t properly response the issue of culture differences in the global environment. In the following essay, I will analyse the situation and provide some suggestions to illustrate my point of view. SITUATIONAL DIAGNOSIS - Should Unilever continue the “Campaign for Real Beauty”? Nature of the Problem

The Campaign for Real Beauty indeed achieved the brand awareness and broke people’s tradition definition of real beauty. However this campaign was controversial to the board of directors of Unilever. From one hand, some people hold the view that this advertising campaign was effective due to the fact that it improved the sales volume of Dove product by increasing the public product awareness. From another hand, some other people argued that this advertising campaign would be too risky for Unilever to continue and suggested that it might receive negative outcome in Asian countries. Because the culture differences in various countries might cause the reverse definition of beauty. Here comes the conflict for the decision-making of Unilever to decide whether to continue this campaign. ADVANTAGES

From the Perspective of Public
a) New technology changes the social value
In the contemporary society, new technology, such as new media, plays an important role on reforming the value system of the public especially for the younger or middle generation. Dove utilised the new technology commercial channel and released this advertising campaign on YouTube. This new social media changes the social value by giving them questions on the topic of what is real beauty and generate discussions of the current trends of social value, for example, the interrelationship between parents and children. “It generated volumes of discussion on chat rooms, with contributions on topics like anorexia and heartfelt interchanges between fathers and daughters.” (Deighton, J 2008, p.6) Therefore, the Unilever should continue the Dove Campaign of Real Beauty because the campaign is beneficial to the public in terms of positively changing the social value. b) Social Trends - New role of women

Dove proposed the significance of the natural beauty and tried to change the way people view beauty by carrying out its advertisements. “Dove’s mission is to make more women feel beautiful every day by broadening the narrow definition of beauty and inspiring them to take great care of themselves.” (Deighton, J 2008, p.4) Consequently, this campaign successfully motivated the women to increase their self-confidence and esteem and encouraged them to pay more attention to their outlook. It is advisable for Unilever to support this campaign from the perspective of public because it broke people’s stereotypical value of beauty and generated the new role of women which changes the self-expression value themselves in a positive way and rebuild the self-esteem for women. From the Perspective of the Dove Company...
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