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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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I. CASE TITLE: Confil Employees Union
II. TIME CONTEXT: Year in 1987
III. VIEWPOINT: Labor – Management Relations
The problems are there is no written code of ethics, miscommunication so the supervisors now having favoritism to those workers can speak their language Chinese, no proper qualification for promotion, and last the HR Manager can’t lead or handle the management. V. OBJECTIVES:

Identify the misconceptions between the management and the workers. Their goal as for now is taking care of their workers at the same time focus in the productivity of the firm. VI. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION:

I hope that before they hired a worker and brought them in a workplace they are fully prepared, trained well and attended seminars. Otherwise, if the workers form a union the management shall make a decision turn to action when the problem is growing bigger, so that’s the time to move an action? No, it’s should not be like that, at the first place think the possible effects when you do something.

HR Manager was not effective leader as well to his/her workers. The manager should set a meeting for everyone and talks about the problem relation between the workers and the management. Settle the things why they probably join in a union organization, what are their purposes and ask them also how the management accommodate or replace those things which are one the reasons why the firm is now facing a problem. Then, make a solution to solve one at a time. VIII. RECOMMENDATION:

I recommend that the HR Manager should evaluate his/her workers to know the problem between workers and the management. Observe their behaviors and check if they do their responsibilities as workers because later on maybe this would be one cause of conflicts. IX.CONCLUSION:

I therefore conclude that the firm only concern to the profitability of their business. The workers shall also give an attention or...
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