Bama Inc.

Topics: Trade union, Employment, Collective bargaining Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Bama Inc.
Union Organizing Campaign Guidelines: Dos and Don’ts
Unions are not present in every organization. The unionizing effort begins with an attempt to acquire new members in the workforce. This is accomplished from within by employees in an attempt to gain other employees acceptance or from outside union officials visiting the workplace to entice employees to join. In forming and joining a union, employers must first consider whether the union will improve their employee’s personal situations within the organization. A union organizing campaign can be very stressful and tedious. Both supervisors and managers have an obligation not to interfere with certain organizing efforts. Failure to comply with the rules could lead to legal trouble with the National Labor Relations Board.

1. Appropriate and Legal: Stick to the F.O.E. (Facts, Opinions, and Examples) when discussing unionization with employees. Supervisors can express their opinions on why unionization is bad for the company. * Employers can offer their opinions about union policies, alert employees of facts about unions that they may or may not be aware of and discuss effects that unionization may have on the business. However, employers may not use these to imply a negative consequence for employees if they choose to support the union. An employer also has the right to explain why unionization is unnecessary. The general rule is that an employer can be a dispenser of information, but not a collector. An employer may predict the negative effects that unionizing could have on the organization, as long as it is based on facts outside of the employer’s control. * Bama Inc. has an obligation to explain the financial obligations of union membership, such as fees, dues, assessment and fines. * Point of the potential for loss of earnings, denial of worker’s compensation, and possible loss of employment during strikes. * Bama Inc. can emphasize the advantages that the company...
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