Carter Continuing Case

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Decision making Pages: 3 (480 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Human Resource Management
January 26, 2011
Colin Ebanks
Carter Cleaning Company - Job Description

1. There is no format or final form but the store manager’s job description should include: * Job Identification
* Job Summary
* Responsibilities and Duties
* Authority of incumbent
* Standards of performance
* Working conditions
* Job specifications

2. It is practical to specify standards and procedures in the body of the job description because the job description should contain the standards of the company that they expect the employees to comply with and to perform their responsibilities and duties. Also to include the procedures and standards that are important and relevant for the applicants to comply with like performance in the company. It depends on the type of job under discussion as to what the standards to include.

3. Jennifer should go about collecting the information required for the standards, procedures and job description by conducting a job analysis for the job then list the standards, policies and procedures of the company that the employees must fulfill. Then she should use one or more of the methods for collecting information like interviews, questionnaires, observation and logs to help assess in making a decision. She should make sure the interviewee is able to operate equipment, perform skilled activities, physically active, decision makers and to process information. She can also use quantitative techniques for the job description like position and functional job analysis.

4. In my opinion the store manager’s job description should look like:

Job Title: Store manager| Company name: Carter Cleaning Company| Job Type: Manager| Location: Allista Towers|
Division: Management Occupations| Non/Residence Status: Both| Department: Cleaning| Report to: President(Jennifer Carter)| | Date: January 26, 2011|

Job summary
The store manager is responsible for directing all store...
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