Carter Cleaning

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Read Carter Cleaning Company and then respond. An outstanding answer will take an integrative approach and will address the issues that are raised with appropriate selection and training as they relate to employee performance. That is don’t stop at developing an appraisal method for the workers. Instead carry your answer forward. 1) to explain how selection and training impact employee performance and 2) to explain how your appraisal methods address identified problems. Jennifer is working hard to get CCC’s HR function in good working order, and you can help her by developing a well justified appraisal methods


The Performance Appraisal

After spending several weeks on the job, Jennifer was surprised to discover that her father had not formally evaluated any employee’s performance for all the years that he had owned the business. Jack’s position was that he had “a hundred higher-priority things to attend to, “such as boosting sales and lowering costs, and, in any case, many employees didn’t stick around long enough to be appraisable anyway. Furthermore, contended Jack, manual workers such as those doing the pressing and the cleaning did periodically get positive feedback in terms of praise from Jack for a job well done, or criticism, also from Jack, if things did not look right during one of his swings through the stores. Similarly, Jack was never shy about telling his managers about store problems so that they, too, got some feedback on where they stood. This informal feedback now withstanding, Jennifer believes that a more formal appraisal approach is required. She believes that there are criteria such as quality, quantity, attendance, and punctuality that should be evaluated periodically even if a worker is paid on piece rate. Furthermore, she feels quite strongly that the managers need to have a list of quality standards for matters such as store cleanliness, efficiency, safety, and adherence to budget on...
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