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Car Accessories: Must Haves for the Family Car

All aboard! Is your family car ready to accommodate all of you for a long trip? Many families travel together. Be it going to grandma and grandpa's house or perhaps leaving for an out-of-town trip, our family car will always be useful to us. However, there are things that our family car must have to keep our long travel comfortable, safe, and fun. Here are some car accessories that transform your ordinary trip to a special one.

Parents will definitely nod in agreement that accessories to ensure safety are number one in the list. If you have young kids or babies, the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) System will be very helpful to the safety of your children. Not all cars have this feature. So, if your car does not have one, better rush to have this car accessory. Another car safety accessory is the side air bag. Yes, you do have your side air bags. But, most of them are not designed to protect kids. Choose ones which will protect your children. Of course, car safety accessories like car jacks, spare tire, and engine oil lubricant are also needed to be brought all the time in cases of emergency. These should be securely kept in the compartment at all times.

Convenience and comfort will surely be second on your list of car accessories. Of course, both kids and the parents have these as their concerns. Flexible seating is one good car feature. It would help you accommodate different kinds of passengers. Accessories like built-in booster seats for elevation and to properly use the seat belts. A second row center seat accessory for younger kids is also recommended to make them slide closer to the front seats where mom and dad are seated. And, in case you would like to invite friends and relatives for a ride, you can install additional seating which folds when not in use. This will make your family car more flexible both to passenger and cargo situations. Furthermore, car organizer is also a must...
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