Carl Robins Case Study

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Carl Robins and the Orientation Dilemma: A Case Study Analysis

September 17, 2012

Carl Robins and the Orientation Dilemma

The position of campus recruiter for a company is one of importance. The recruiter is the person who makes sure the company has access to the best candidates available. The first order of business for any recruiter is to set up job fairs, develop a list of possible candidates, and conduct on-campus interviews of those applicants. There are many skills needed by a campus recruiter, and for someone that is new to the position, training and guidance are keys to successfully learning the necessary skills that will help prevent or solve issues in a satisfactory manner. In April, ABC, Inc. decided they were in need of new employees, ones that could be ready to work by July. Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for the company, is in charge of finding the necessary people. He successfully hired 15 new people to work for the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls. Carl had six to eight weeks to coordinate the necessary activities, so that the new hires could begin working by July. Despite prompting from Monica, Carl did not realize the amount of effort required to set up the large training session required for the quantity of people he had coming for orientation. If Carl had thought to use a timeline for specific tasks, or even written a list of all requirements waiting for completion, he could have avoided the frustration and confusion he encountered. Carl Robins has been at his job for only six months and is excited by the success of his first recruitment effort. Unfortunately, Carl had no guidance to know exactly what tasks needed prompt completion to ensure that the new employees would be ready to start work on time. Monica Carrolls contacted Carl on May 15, and tried to guide him in the right direction by asking if he had all the necessary tasks organized – completed paperwork and drug tests, orientation manuals,...