Carib Studies Research

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Sociology, Criminology Pages: 12 (3062 words) Published: May 2, 2013




Name of Candidate: Shanice Allen
Territory: Jamaica
Centre Number:
Teacher’s name: Mrs. Mc Morris
Table of Contents


Statement of Problem
Introduction and Purpose of Research
Literature Review
Data Collection Methods
Presentation of Data
Interpretation of Findings
Discussion of Findings
Conclusion / Limitations/ Recommendations

Statement of Problem


Topic: How does religion promote and develop social change within society.

problem statement
An investigation done to determine, how the Clear Park Seventh Day Adventist Church helps in curbing the problem of juvenile delinquency in their community.

Introduction and Purpose of Research

Religion is a social institution which embodies the valued ideas and beliefs that society has about our relationship to a divine or sacred entity and afterlife. Social change is the recognizing of social problems and ways in which those problems can be solved and bring about change. If there are no problems in society, there can be no social change. This is so as there will be no problem to solve for change to happen. This research approaches how religion develops and promotes social change. This is done by examining how the church as a religious institution deals with the social problem of juvenile delinquency and how it bring about social change within their community. The purpose of this research is to further investigate the issue as it is a major concern in today’s society. The topic has been the center of discussion on programs such as “Religious Hard Talk”; headlines for “Awake” articles as well as other mediums of information. The purpose is to investigate the issue by reviewing previous studies, existing literatures as well as to conduct a research to find new ways in which religious institution can develop change. This research can assist other researchers in their studies and also provide recommendations to the church. The research took lace over a three month time span, starting from December to January. It was inexpensive as investigation methods used were not costly. The integration of views from other discipline will serve to broaden my knowledge and vocabulary and help one appreciate the problems and potential of the Caribbean. My enquiry skills and by extension success in my academic career and the world of work is being nurtured. Literature Review

Religion is an unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is things set apart and forbidden which unite into one single moral community – called a church – all those who adhere to them( Emile Durkhiem) There are different views on the origins and functions of religion. To the functionalists, religion serves to maintain social order, and equilibrium in society. To the Marxists, religion is a tool of the ruling class, used to subjugate or keep in check the ambitions of the working class. To the feminists religion is also a tool of both the capitalists and men used to keep women in their place of subordination. For the Interactionists, religion helps to give meaning to life. Social beings use this institution to make sense of a naturally senseless world. Religion is an institution found in all societies and there are wide variations in beliefs and ideas. Social change is the change and development in the social conditions and problems of society. “Religion is an important part of social life and change. It is interwoven into the culture of people and is intimately linked to the issues of social integration, conflict and change.” (Talcott Parsons). “A child or adolescent may be capable of being friendly, obedient and caring, who would follow rules and act morally and ethically. Under certain circumstances, they can be driven to juvenile delinquency if neglected, abandoned or...
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