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Topics: Traffic law, Automobile, Road Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: December 2, 2012
1. In most cases a left turn on red is permitted A. From a one way to another one way. 2. A permit holder must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is. A. 21years of age 3.You are approaching a pedestrian in a crosswalk. You should A. Stop to let the pedestrian cross safely 4.Under normal driving conditions you should keep following distance of at least. A.3seconds

5.To check for a car in your blind spot you should. A.Check over shoulder 6.When approaching a stop sign you must.
A.Stop before entering the crosswalk area, making second stop if necessary 7.When driving in fog, snow or rain you should. A.Turn on low beam n drive safely. 8.When stopping on a wet or ice road while driving a vehicle with antilock breaks you should. A.Brake steadily (Without antibreaks? Pump brakes) 9.If you begin to hydroplane you should. A.Let up on the gas pedal 10.When backing your vehicle you should. A.looking over our shoulder until you stop. 11.Having a few alcoholic drinks before driving will. A.Increase your chance of wreck 12.As you stop for a stop sign A bicyclist is approaching from the right on a through street you should A.Yeild to the bicyclist 13.When you appoach an intersection which has a yield sign A.Yield to any traffic 14.As you approach a controlled railroad crossing you should A. Slow downn and check in both directions and proceed if elear 15. When dhsring the road with a tractor trailer you should remeber A. Trucks make wide turns at intersections, have larger blind spots and it takes them longer to stop. 16. Anytime you change directions enter or leve the flow of traffic you should A. Indicate your intetions by giving a singnal. 17. When you have to slow down or stop you should

A. Check your review mirror to make sare the driver behind you is slowing down 18.proof of liability Insurance
A.Wust be kept in the vehicle...
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