Road Safety

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Road Safety
Every year, more than a hundred traffic accidents caused by drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Every time, most of the people involved always blame others, not thinking their own responsibility. In fact, some simple actions like avoiding chat with the driver, not drinking before driving and watching out for the traffic light can reduce most chances of being hurt in traffic accidents.

First and foremost, the reason why numerous traffic accidents caused by bus are passengers chat with the bus driver. Thanks to the distraction, the driver cannot pay enough attention on driving the bus. Being distracted, the driver forgets when to stop the bus and which way to the terminus. To tackle this problem, passengers are just required to stop chatting with the driver. The driver can pay full attention while nobody talks to him/her.

Apart from distracting the driver, there is another major element which leads to many traffic accidents. Drinking alcohol is always a killer. Drivers reckon that they will not be affected by alcohol during driving. But they always think inaccurately and cause serious traffic accidents. In order to prevent this fault, drivers are preferred to take public transport such as train or taxi rather than driving their own vehicles in an attempt to reduce extreme traffic cases.

Last but not least, not only drivers and passengers have their own responsibly to prevent accidents. Some cases like pedestrians are being hurt when crossing the road under the launching red light. Pedestrians are required to following the traffic light so as to cross the road safely.

From the above mentioned notions, no matter drivers, passengers or pedestrians, they have their own responsibility to keep each other safe. If everyone just has to walk one step, traffic accidents can be reduced. It is hoped that everybody can bear the slogan ‘Zero accident on roads, everyone loves HK’, arriving at their own destination safely.
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