Cardio-Vascular Exercise and Weight Training

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Cardio-Vascular Exercise and Weight Training

For a person to get the most out of a workout, People need to condition the body as well as strengthen. Two types of exercise that fit into any exercise routine for losing weight, and maintaining muscle mass, are cardio and resistance. Cardio-vascular training, in the past, was seen as a good way to stop heart disease, while resistance or weight training was seen as a good way to improve muscle mass. The misunderstanding is that to reach both goals with stopping heart disease and making muscle mass is that you can do one without the other. This is incorrect; a person must condition as well as strengthen the body.

While conditioning can be done alone, strength training must have some form of conditioning to work properly. Weight training can increase a person’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good” cholesterol, which help protect the arteries from plaque buildup. Free weighs can build a person’s muscle mass faster than using a weight machine. A person’s muscles must balance the free weights on their own, while using a weight machine may be easier a person is receiving assistance in balancing the weight from the machine.

Some may not realize that walking is a weight-bearing exercise that is also very affordable, the only thing you is a good pair of tennis shoes. A person can walk almost anywhere, whether it is taking a walk outdoors, around the neighborhood, on a treadmill indoors, or even walking around the mall. On an average, every minute a person walks extends their life by one and a half to two minutes. A much better aerobic exercise that a person can fit into their exercise routine is swimming. Swimming doesn’t stress a person’s joints, according to the CDC; it is also the second most popular activity in the United States.

Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program, is another great...
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