Carbon Neutrality

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Carbon Footprint briefly defined is the amount of CO2 left behind after any human activity. They can be classified into primary and secondary footprints. [ (McLean 2008) ]

Primarily, it is the direct emission of CO2 from burning fossil fuels or any kind of fuels. They are considered the main and biggest source of CO2 emission, thus the having biggest Carbon Footprints. [ (McLean 2008) ]

The CO2 emissions from all products and their life-cycles are considered as secondary footprints. The life-cycle is inclusive of the product’s life - from the manufacturing, actual usage and all the way till the disposal of the product. [ (McLean 2008) ]

The reason why there is a need to reduce the Carbon Footprints of the world lies in the emission of CO2. Carbon Dioxide, together with other gases like methane and nitrous oxide are ‘greenhouse gases’. They stay in the atmosphere and retain heat that reflects from the Earth’s surface from sunlight.

Ways of reducing Carbon Footprints can be simple and usually start with individual. Participating in recycling activities, reducing wastes, taking public transports instead of driving, replacing old electronic equipment with new energy-compliant ones are just some of the many ways.

Instead of just reducing Carbon Footprints, there are also acts to compensate the effects of CO2 emissions. This is also known as offsetting your carbon footprint. For individuals, one of the best way to offset a person’s Carbon Footprint is to plant trees. Trees absorb CO2 and produces Oxygen during the photosynthesis process. (McLean 2008)

For businesses, there are programs like the Carbon Footprint Standards which incorporates ISO14064, Publicly Available Specification 2050 (PAS2050) and Publicly Available Specification 2060 (PAS2060). Theses standards ensure that the businesses follow certain regulations to reduce their carbon emissions. (Carbon Footprint Ltd n.d.)

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