Carbon Footprint Reduction: A Strategy to Save the Planet

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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The need for carbon footprint reduction is not merely a necessity but also the most vital strategy for the planet’s survival.(2) Increase in its usage or emissions will result to climate change that will then affect individuals, industry, and environment.(1) Carbon footprint is known to be the sum of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide emitted by activities caused by any living and non – living thing. (2) The bigger the emission, the larger is the effect on global warming. (3) In America alone, the total greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 were 6,633.2 Tg or million metric tons CO2 Eq, its emissions have increased by 7.3% from 1990 – 2009. (4) In the United Kingdom last year (2010), emissions of the basket of six greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol were provisionally estimated to be 582.4 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent. It was 2.8% higher than the 2009 figure of 566.3 million tonnes.(5) It is said to increase dramatically this year. And so, the significance of its reduction, the particular effects on humans, the industry, and the environment are the main focus of this paper. Carbon footprints increased emission rates greatly affected most if not all of the earths’ habitat. Animals, in the case of polar bears, are not able to keep up with the changing climate making their search for food more difficult and unpredictable. It is said that this specie will cease to exist after 100 years due to the rapid climate change.(6) In the tropical islands, the increase in sea temperature turns coral reefs at risk of survival. These amongst other issues has given the prediction that by 2050, one-fourth (1/4) of the earth’s species will be headed for extinction.(6) Environmental concerns such as increased risks of drought, fire, and flood has also been the result of too much carbon emission. (7) These phenomena are likely to occur more severe and frequent as the climate change progresses. When one land is susceptible to drought, it is oftentimes...
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