Car Rental Business Plan

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Car Rental Business Plan
A car rental business plan is a familiar business model for most bankers and investors. Ever since car sharing programs like Flex Car rose to prominence in the "˜00s, business people have re-imagined what the car rental business model can be. Which is not to say that the conventional model is dead—far from it. Auto rental behemoths like Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise have managed to keep revenues up despite the flagging economy, and one look at any airport parking lot shows that this line of business is not likely to fade out anytime soon. But when preparing a car rental business plan, providing this context is just part of your job. You need to explain in detail what the rental types are, the sort of cars you will stock, and the rates you envision charging. Then go into:

• The market for your rental agency—who will be your average customer? • The marketing strategies you will use
• How the company will be staffed
• The amount of funding you need
• How you will allocate your capital and what amount of sales will be reinvested into operations

Your business plan for a car rental agency should have a comprehensive financial pro forma that shows not only how you will spend the money you get up-front, but the projected revenues year over year and the ongoing expenses. Common tables include the sales forecast, personnel plan, profit and loss table, break-even analysis, cash flow, balance sheet, and a sensitivity analysis. Investors also want to see ROI calculations and the first year in a monthly detail. Beyond the model, your business plan needs a management team section, an implementation plan, and a tidy market analysis. Sounds like more than you want to handle? Turn the keys over to the experts at MasterPlans. Our team of exceptional writers, editors, modelers, and researchers can get your plan together in as little as 5-7 business days—877-453-2011.
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