Drive-in Business Plan

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AutoRama Drive N
Nicholas Boothe
December 1, 2009
Business Plan

Executive Summary

AutoRama Drive N is a startup business located in the southern Indianapolis area. AutoRama provides the community with an old fashioned 50’s style diner/drive-in that serves a variety of grilled and fried foods, as well as healthier alternatives. AutoRama is not the everyday low quality fast food restaurant. AutoRama prides itself in the quality of food, and the cheap prices it is able to offer to the community.

AutoRama will differentiate itself from its competitors by providing a whole different experience. The food will be old fashioned, and freshly cooked to order. The parking lot will be filled with auto enthusiasts and their vehicles, while the diner will be a family friendly 50’s era restaurant.

AutoRama is there to serve the community, and do its part to improve its surrounding areas. AutoRama will do its part to get cars off the streets, and into the parking lots, with sponsorships of local meets and events, as well as providing discounts for car clubs and those wishing to designate spaces for weekends and meets.

AutoRama is a partnership, with Nicholas owning half of the business, with 80,000 invested, and Amanda and Kevin both investing 40,000 each. This is enough to get the business started, and initial training and organizations in order. 16 months will be taken to find the right property, have the building finished, and all equipment installed and ready for business. During the few weeks after completion and before the initial opening, selection and training of employees will take place to ensure that AutoRama will be ready to run as soon as the doors open.

The company will establish itself in the market by strong marketing techniques in print and radio, as well as through sponsoring local events, and through word of mouth. Hosting events with other local events will be the main way of AutoRama getting its name out into the public. Although there are other fast food restaurants located in close proximity, they are complete different structures from AutoRama. Nothing about the business is the same, and this will set AutoRama apart from the competition, and make the company successful.

The company will be managed by the three who have a financial stake in the business, Nicholas, Amanda, and Kevin. This will have more of an impact, and more of a drive to succeed, and do well. All three have years of experience in the restaurant business, and have had great success in ventures past. The management structure will be that of a horizontal system, where all employees are created equal, and everyone brought into the business will have equal say into changes needed to be made, and suggestions for improvements. This will provide the best possible working atmosphere, along with allowing no employee to feel left out of the business, and so everyone feels responsible for the success and achievement.

* The first objective is to secure a building site, where access is easy from main roads, with plenty of extra space, or about an acre. * Establish a presence in the automotive community, as well as in the family based restaurant category. * Become profitable within the first 18 months of business, with loans and investments paid off in 30 months. Keys to Success:

* Strict guidelines throughout the business process, with checks to ensure proper procedures are followed. * Never stop looking to improve some part of the business structure * Strong visibility in the surrounding community, as well as a strong social presence in local events. * Ensure customer satisfaction and repeat customer transactions.

* It is AutoRama Drive N’s mission to deliver value old fashioned food, brought back from the 50’s for your old style dine-in experience. AutoRama will provide a friendly clean atmosphere, welcome to families and car enthusiasts alike.

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