Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished in All Countries. What Is Your View?

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Crime Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Capital punishment is the punishment of death given to those who commit heinous crime, particularly murder and rape. Some devices they use for capital punishment are hanging by the neck and electric chair. Should capital punishment be abolished? I disagree because from my opinion, capital punishment brings more advantages to the society. That includes the safety of people, I will explain in detail on the given paragraphs below. There is a difference between a country with and without capital punishment. To countries that have abolished their capital punishment, there is an increase in the crime rate level, this is because people are not afraid of breaking the law and commit crimes- without capital punishment, the people will only be send to jail; being behind bars doesn’t take away their life or harm them in any way. Apart from that, the society is no longer safe place for anyone to stay and for some are even afraid to leave their house. On the other hand, a country with capital punishment, there are less crime committed than those without capital punishment- it gives awareness to the people, so that when they want to do something, for example kill someone, they will know the consequences for their action. As years passed, more and more crimes are committed and the criminals were sent to jail. As the numbers are adding up, this will lead to over-crowding. So the government had to build more prison and therefore, they have to spend a lot of money. Capital punishment is one of those ways to reduce the over-crowding situation and to only be applied to only the worst cases. This then gives the country the opportunity to use the money for the country’s development. For example, the money can be use for medical facilities, education and probably the tourism industries. People who are against capital punishment believe that it is wrong to take away people’s life even if they were proven guilty. Yes, I do agree that taking people’s life away is wrong but what if after a...
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