Abolish Capital Punishiment

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Dingwei Wang

Dec 15, 2012
Abolish Capital Punishment
Capital punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. In my country, China, the government could use of capital punishment to murderers, robbers, arsonists, and people who make felonies. Every year, many people have been killed by capital punishment policy ("Resource 1).They lost their life, rights, and relatives. they have no chance to amend their mistakes and thoroughly reform themselves. Although many governmental personnel persist in using capital punishment, I think capital punishment should be abolished. Some supporters of capital punishment indicate that this punishment is using to defend the law's status ("Resource 1"). However, the opinion is incorrect. I think the purpose of people setting up a law is not to punish someone but use as a guide for how to people go though the correct path. It will make people afraid of laws and the government. They will never ever learn from death; on the contrary, they will just remember the atrocious punishment and ruthless killing. If laws can't using as it's due role, many people will do the same crime over and over. Many supporters also point out that the propose of using capital punishment is avoid offenders did the crime again. They believe that ultimate punishment will end everything. Supporters maintain that capital punishment gives no chance to offenders who repeat the crime ("Resource 2") . However, some researchers said that capital punishment is cold-blooded and ruthless. They think the social and government have responsibility to train offenders' mind. The government should consider why offenders crime and how to give them a good lesson to change their thought. "If the government killed someone, they have no chance to change his (or her) mind" (Resource 3). The final argument is supporters insist that capital punishment must be reserve because this is the only way to obtain retribution on behalf of...
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