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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Capital Punishment

Capital punishment has been raised as a topic all around the world, most countries and states it has been illegalized but still happens. There are a lot of different opinions on this subject, is it good does it get those nasty people from reoffending or does every one deserve to live Capital punishment was introduced to the country soon after it officially became a British territory. A young man by the name of Maketu had the unfortunate "honour" of being the first New Zealander put to death in March 1842. He had been found guilty of killing five people. Between then and the abolition of the death penalty in New Zealand in 1961, more than 80 people were executed. Dean was the only woman ever hanged. She was convicted of killing a six-month-old baby in 1895 but protested her innocence to her last breath. According to the Humans Rights Association, capital punishment overrules our most basic human right - the right to life. Human life has a fundamental value. The blessedness of human life is denied by the death penalty. Life is precious. Capital punishment is good for keeping Bad people off the streets it is send out a message if you want to do something stupid you will get punished for it and by getting your life taken away, this is the most horrific punishment of all. In my opinion I do not think capital punishment is good, it is taking away one of the biggest rights of all, life. I do not think it is necessary to kill people for what they have done as long as you keep them locked up it is good enough for me. In conclusion I do not think capital punishment should be legal anywhere in the world It is just wrong to do so in my opinion. By Hamish Mercer-Butcher
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