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The Business model Canvas



The Business model Canvas


Bibi it is a new brand of stylish fashion handbags has a fantastic collection of unique handbags great designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera, Rob Pruitt and Jimmy Choo among others. All these designers have opened their minds to discover a new range of bright colors embodied in these bags of excellent designs and amazing fabrics. This is a great collection that will break strongly in our fashion shows innovating new styles. Our group of prestigious designers have come together to enjoy fashion and their incredible designs. 2. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS

Our potential customers will be a small group of our society as not all people have a high purchasing power who may use our unique and luxurious products. Therefore anger directed towards a niche market, composed mainly of women 25 to 50 years with good purchasing power. 3. CHANNELS

Our product will be released through various advertising media, first, we will announce the opening of the premises which sell bags and accessories through advertisements on television and radio. Regarding our store that will be in the Mesa y López Avenue where guests will have all our large collection of beautiful bags of different colors, fabrics and forms. We will also have a website where customers can buy the products and contact us. A portion of our business will also be present in the most popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter where will be our news and precious designs. Finally, our customers can enjoy after-sales service, whereby if there is any problem with the product or delivery thereof, our company will be the responsible of the resolution of this problem without adding any additional cost.


The Business model Canvas

Some of the activities that we will develop will be the production and purchase of the materials (different fabrics and textures, threads, sewing machines, buttons, scissors, thimbles, glues ..), hiring a freight for our local storage material and merchandise, and supervision of our website, email and social networks. 5. KEY RESOURCES

The resources we need for our business can be divided into four segments: physical, intellectual, human and financial: In physicists are all necessary materials such as all types of fabrics and accessories as well as the stores and warehouses. As intellectuals, we have a team of professionals who are responsible for designing new forms of fashion, to publicize, to figure out sales strategies, innovation, marketing, business development. Regarding human resources, we will need a group of people who work for us in local outlets, designers who produce handbags, assistants, managers, personnel officers, security officers. Also we will have a daily maid service for local stores. Financial resources will be obtained mainly on investment for our partners. 6. KEY PARTNERS

Our company is a partnership, a business association comprised of four partners, committed to participate in the management of the company with the same rights and obligations. The obligations are limited only to the capital contribution they have made. It is a homogeneous group that is united by the interest of the exclusive and fashion. We also have equipment suppliers like telapi SL and marietrent S.L whom we provide all materials and fabrics needed for making our handbag collection. 7. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS

Our clients will always receive a friendly, kind, respectful trate and most importantly the exclusivity of owning a unique bag designed by famous designers and prestigious high. In case of a complaint they can claim in the complaint form. Regarding virtual clients they will receive the same friendly treatment and we will give them the answer by email attended by our support staff. Our company in social networks will be organized and coordinated by our community manager who is responsible for...
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