Response to "Two ways a woman can get hurt" by Jean Kilbourne

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  • Published: September 27, 2013
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English 112
According to the article “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” by Jean Kilbourne advertising is dehumanizing to women and men which portrays sexually explicit material. It is all about the marketing of products. In today’s society, women are being exploited and degraded by men. In the world of advertising, it is all about making money in addition, promoting a product.

Jean Kilbourne stated that”the poses and postures of advertising are often borrowed from pornography” (page 576). Therefore, men see women as objects and not the product that is advertised. For example in the Pepsi ad with Beyonce when reviewed, men had a a lot to say about Beyonce’s physical appearance rather than how good the Pepsi looks in addition, the taste.Men visualize women as a pleasurable object. As stated in “Sex in Advertising: Gender Differences and the Role of Relationship Commitment by Jaideep Sangupta, Darren W. Dahl and Kathleen D Vohs,* ..., marketers has resorted to radical tactics to capture consumer attention, one such popular tactic uses explicit sexual images in advertising even when the sexual images in advertising has little relevance to the advertized product.” In one of my class presentations, I depicted a scene where energizer battery is being advertised and in the advertisement were two little children a boy and a girl, not more than five years old. The tagline for that ad was “Never let their toys die.”...
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