Cantabile Girls' Choir Concert

Topics: Performance, Music, Audience Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Cantabile Girls' Choir Concert
On Friday, Mar 30, I took part in the Cantabile Girls' Choir Concert, which was performed by Nancy Grundahl, Sandra Enstrom, Jennifer wildeson, etc. It has several parts and all the performers have done very well. The whole concert was really an enjoyment to me. All the performers concentrated on the performance. I think very highly of them. The first part is Festival Chorus. They have organized very well. There are a lot of kids sing on the stage. All the songs are well prepared; everyone performs different parts in a song. All of them mix in a perfect way, it sounds much more professional. Sometimes cadence, while sometimes is melodious. I really enjoy them. The audiences give a shower of applause to all the singers. This first part is a really good start of the entire concert. All the performers are emotionally involved with the music and able to project their feelings to the audience. The music delivered in an artistically convincing way. We are all eager to go on to the next part of the concert. Then the second part of the concert is Cantabile Choristers Choir. There are fewer members perform on the stage, just some kids sing on the stage, and the rest sit on the floor. They have performed in a perfect way as well. All the audiences are really attracted. Their perform style must be fascination. They perform in the style of professional. All the audiences think very highly of them. After that, it still has six more parts, which are also very wonderful; all the performers make us lost ourselves in the beautiful music. This concert gives me a good chance to get access to the new style of the music. I think it is a very exciting concert. All the performers are highly emotional act in the concert. Also the type of music attracts me a lot. I wish I could take part concert like this again.
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