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Jazz Concert Review #2

I attended a jazz concert on November 3rd at the Frontenac Grill. The band, Joe Bozzi and I, played all kinds of music for us while this place was filled with various groups of people eating, drinking and chatting. This band played their songs by using three guitars, drums, saxophone, trumpet, xylophone and the piano throughout the whole entire time. The first song called, “Through the Eyes of Love,” was played from the movie called The Ice Castles. This song started off with the xylophone, and then the guitars and the rest of the instruments sounded in. They started off the song with a very bright tone and middle fast tempo. It had a lot of beats to it and it was very intense at the same time. This song was created by a very lively feeling and gave audiences a little bit information about what kind of music they were going to perform for the next three hours. Also, this song was a great opener because it made the audience (it was only about 15 of us, mostly elderly) get involved in the concert such as clapping their hands and tapping with their feet to feel the rhythm and the tempo. This song for some reason reminded me of being in the club late at night, dancing my life away. This song definitely put my groove on because I could not stop tapping my feet and moving to the beat. The second song was called, “Fly Me to the Moon,” which is written by Bart Howard and sung by Frank Sinatra. It is a Latin-inspired sounding consonance which set the romantic mood at the beginning of this song. A piano and saxophone then alternated the melody of the song as though they were dancing like two lovers flying to the moon. As the passion of the song heated up, the texture changed within the song as the saxophone took the melody and the piano and other instruments within the ensemble were in accompaniment. The rhythm, which was continuously steady, seemed to get faster like a heartbeat by the climax of the song. It was also at this point that...
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