Show Choir

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Show Choir
Learning Design

Project Title: Show Choir
Developer(s): Amy Hanson
Development Date: 06/15/1998
Revised By: Amy Hanson
Revision Date: 10/19/1998
Organization: Shawano-Gresham School District
Department: music
Instructional Area: Music & Arts
Instructional Level: 6-8
Total Credits: 0

Target Population
6th-8th grade students

Course Description
Show Choir is an elective class that integrates choreography into the choral experience. A varied repertoire of 2 and 3 part music is memorized, choreographed and then performed in a concert setting. Vocal technique, developing the ensemble and dance are the main emphasis of this class. Various public performances are presented by this group.

Target Exit Learning Outcomes

Core Abilities
1 Make informed choices based on global connections due to the interdependence of the world o learner recognizes cultural differences in order to promote understanding for a cooperative work and social environment o learner demonstrates awareness of current world events o learner describes political, economic and social systems different from one's own o learner demonstrates geographical literacy

o learner recognizes difference in world measurements
2 Utilize informational resources for life-long learning
o learner augments and values learning
o learner is open to new ideas
o learner has avocational interests
o learner understands the need for ongoing education
o learner searches for knowledge to satisfy curiosity
o learner sets goals and makes plans to achieve them
o learner takes risks
3 Communicate effectively through speaking and writing in all areas o learner applies the English language correctly (spelling, grammar, structure) o learner writes so others can understand

o learner speaks so others can understand
o learner gives instructions
o learner expresses empathy
o learner checks for accuracy
o learner writes legibly
o learner applies effective listening
o learner uses acceptable language
o learner provides necessary detail
o learner describes problems accurately
o learner understands the impact of nonverbal communication 4 Use problem solving skills in real world situations
o learner identifies the problem
o learner clarifies purposes and goals
o learner identifies solutions to a problem and their impact o learner employs reasoning skills
o learner evaluates options
o learner sets priorities
o learner selects and implements a solution to a problem o learner evaluates results of implemented option
o learner organizes workloads
5 Practice citizenship skills based on democratic principles o learner accepts responsibility of membership in society o learner knows the role and impact of social and organizational systems and operates effectively with them o learner performs community service

o learner assumes leadership or supporting roles as appropriate o learner practices behaviors that promote the basic values of our democracy o learner is informed about current issues

o learner respects the rights of others
o learner understands political and economic global interdependence o learner practices environmental stewardship
o learner participates in the political process
6 Appreciate past and present cultures and the impact of those groups on individuals and society o learner describes the importance and influence of cultural diversity and equity on educational planning and transition from school to work o learner validates the importance of cultural diversity and equity by behaviorally demonstrating respect for diversity and equity in school, work, and community environments o learner analyzes the historic effect of...
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