A Beginning Concert Band Program for 7th Graders

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A Small Group Project: A Beginning Concert Band Program for 7th Graders

Music education provides one of the soundest instructional foundations for behavioral, cognitive and constructivist persuasions not heralded by any other curriculum known to mankind. When one considers all five of the fundamental senses of being human, almost everyone would agree that music education covers them all. This paper will recreate an existing section within a middle school backdrop which is currently being taught from a traditional music education course in the deep south. The primary revision will focus on the behavioral aspects of the strategies associated with the overall course description and outline, while incorporating cognitive learning theories utilizing select instructional design techniques.

A Small Group Project: A Beginning Concert Band Program for 7th Graders

The Academy for Science & Foreign Languages (ASFL) Music Department has two distinct music education programs: beginning band and mixed choral. Mr. Jonathan Snodgrass, music teacher, has generously shared his 7th grade beginning band classroom course syllabus with our EDU622 AIU select small group. This band holds rehearsals daily and invites all interested students in the school to an open opportunity to play in the band. Typically, students will participate in 3 – 4 concerts per year, in addition to, 2 – 3 individual and concert band competitions per year. This beginning band course provides students with an excellent curriculum and foundation that supports: “the National Standards of Music Education, Alabama State Course of Study and International Baccalaureate Learner Profile” (Course Syllabus, 2009, p. 1) goals and principles for visual and performing arts education. It also “is an overview course intended to introduce the student to the art of concert band music (p. 3)”. Like many other disciplinary areas, beginning concert...
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