Canoeing for Beginners

Topics: Canoe, Kayak Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Canoeing for Beginners

How many people know how to canoe? There are a few steps you can follow to learn how to canoe. These steps may not make you an expert at canoeing, but it will help. There are a couple of steps to know first before you can just go out and canoe if you are a beginner. These steps you must know are to get your canoe and load it up on your vehicle and strap it down securely, head to a canoeing spot of your choice, and drop off your canoe, and paddle with the proper technique. These simple steps will help you have a more enjoyable time when you go canoeing. To load your canoe, keep the canoe upside down. The vehicle to load the canoe should preferably have a rack on the top. A rack will make loading, strapping it down securely, and unloading much easier. A rope, bungee cord, or anything strong enough to hold a canoe down will work. If you do not own or have access to a canoe, rentals are available at very many popular canoeing spots. These are very affordable and a great way to enjoy a day in the sun and water. A canoeing spot is a very important detail for beginners and experts. Your choice depends on what you want to experience on your canoeing trip. There are places where it is a fast paced river or creek with many high rapids, or a slow paced river with few rapids. If you want to relax and enjoy a day in the sun the second choice is a smart one to make. Canoeing spots are plentiful and easy to find. There is no appointment or meeting required, just show up at any time of the day. Once in the water you will have to learn to maneuver your canoe. Holding the canoe paddle is important. To hold the canoe paddle properly you place your top hand on the top handle of the canoe paddle and your bottom hand on the canoe paddle as close to the middle as possible. After this there are several types of strokes you can use. The easiest is the forward stroke. Place your paddle along the side of the canoe vertically; pull your bottom hand towards...
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