How to Ride a Skateboard

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Michael Monroe
Mrs. Trear
Sophomore English
6 December 2012
How to Ride a Skateboard

The process of riding a skateboard is important because there are steps to follow that insure that both learners and pro skateboarders avoid injury.

Riding a skateboard can be both fun and dangerous; skateboarders can suffer from serious injury.

The first step in this process is of course to grab a skateboard or purchase one. Do not buy a skateboard from Wal-Mart; Wal-Mart skateboards are cheaply made. Recommended brands are Element, Birdhouse, Rob Drydek boards, etc. Also a good place to buy skateboards is a local bike shop or the store called Zumiez. Second find a suitable place to ride your board such as a paved street or a local skate park. Third check weather conditions before riding; sunny weather is the best. Starting out by putting one foot in the middle of the board, then use one foot and propel forward. Then put both feet on the board equally spaced apart. Balance by concentrating body weight to the middle of the board. Next to turn the board lean to the” right” or” left,” but do not lean too far. Skateboards are not equipped with brakes so in order to break, use one foot and scrape shoe across the ground. Then when stopped use one foot, kick the front of the board up to grab a hold of it when finished. After learning how to ride a skateboard, one can then learn how to do tricks; such as the Ollie, the kick flip, and the trade flip. An Ollie is the basic trick that one must learn in order to perform any other trick. To perform an Ollie, put one foot close to the front of the diagonally and the other foot on the back of the board diagonally. Then kick the back of the board down while sliding front foot up the front of the board and using one leg to push out when landing.. The board will jump up in the air. The board must land on all four wheels for the trick to be successful.

These steps are important to avoid serious injury. Skateboarding can...
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