Cango Week 2 Analysis

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  • Published : August 20, 2008
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Can Go
Analysis Report
Prepared by XXXXX
BUSN 460
Instructor: XXXXXX

Can Go is a company with great ideas and visions for their future. They have identified a trend in the gaming industry that is certain to bring them success; online gaming. While they have a general idea of how this will be done, it is mostly in the mind of the boss. Delegating the investigation of how to attain these goals to his subordinates proves challenging as there is a good amount of disorganization within the company.

There are varying levels of organization and strengths within the staff of the company. Debby seems to be the most knowledgeable and organized of the group while Nick feels that he is organized and on top of everything but he is gravely mistaken. His organizational skills leave something to be desired. The boss, “Coach”, is great at involving the group in regular communication gatherings where they are briefed on what is required of them that week/day. The boss is also strong at encouraging participation in these meetings. Debby seems to be the one person that brings everyone together to become a more cohesive team and one that thinks more clearly and in a more organized way. Debby is also great at teaching others how to best prioritize by using Gantt charts to map out their deadlines.

I recommend that Debby acts as a type of supervisor and is allowed to guide the others to become more organized in their daily activities. This can be accomplished by identifying more of the moderately difficult and specific goals and making them more visible to everyone within the group. Also, more group participation should be encouraged; meetings seemed to be much more productive when that occurred.

Class Videos. (2008, July 20). Can Go Quicktime Videos [Video File]. Videos listed on to
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