Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services Staff

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Group C Composite Paper

Christy Crittenden, Dominique Murphy, Oufweidersehn Reed, Sarah Beebe, Stacey Mosher

Ruth Adkins-Villarreal
March 25, 2013

Group C Composite Paper

Analyze the Matrix
Summary of the Skills
Team C encompasses a wide array of skill sets that will make our group invaluable. All five members of our team are knowledgeable in utilizing Microsoft Office products such as PowerPoint and Word. Each member brings unique areas of expertise into the group that will allow various opinions and ideas to be brought forth. Christy and Veda have experience in Psychology, while Dominique, Sarah, and Stacey bring experience from the areas of Human Resource and Human Services Management. Team members also bring forth expertise from backgrounds in early childhood education, medical, and legal fields. The strengths as a team vary, but there are some commonalities that are shared. Organization, leadership, ability to work as a team, listening, and time management are a few skills that are shared by more than one member of the group. Overall professionally, Team C seems to be very experienced in communication skills, which could be a result of the fields of expertise that were listed dealing primarily with the public. Within Team C, Christy and Veda bring medical, educational, and administrative assistant skills to the table; Sarah and Stacey share an expertise in tutoring and counseling; and Dominique has the capability to provide insight for the group in the areas of presentation and research Three types of consulting firms (Stacey’s part)

Needed Skills and Plans to Obtain Them
Additional skills needed to run a more successful counseling consulting firm would be staff members with the ability to prioritize, display patience and have tenacity. Good counselors must also be able to challenge, motivate and reassure clients. These skills can be obtained through personal goals of self-improvement or...
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