Cancer Care

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Cancer care in Georgia:
1, cancer patients:
In 2009, according to the United States Cancer Statistics: | | * 1,476,504 new cancer cases were diagnosed in the United States,* including 42,432 in Georgia. * 567,614 cancer deaths occurred in the United States*, including 15,139 in Georgia. * For every 100,000 men and women in Georgia, on average, approximately 461 were diagnosed with cancer and approximately 173 died from it.| | New Cancer Case (Incidence) Rates† | Death Rates† |

Area| Rate|
Georgia| 461.4|
United States | 459.0|
| Area| Rate|
Georgia| 173.4|
United States | 173.1|
| |
2, cancer care providers:
* Under the Commission on Cancer (CoC) Accreditation Program of American College of Surgeons, there are 41 approved hospitals in Georgia: program| # of hospital| e.g.|
Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program| 5| Emory University Hospital| Community Cancer Program| 13| Adventist Gordon Hospital| Comprehensive Community Cancer Program| 19| Athens Regional Medical Center| Integrated Network Cancer Program| 2| St. Joseph's/Candler Health System| Veterans Affairs Cancer Program| 2| Atlanta VA Medical Center| Grand Total| 41|  |

* # of NCI-designated cancer treatment center: 1

3, Administrators/Watchdogs
* Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (GCCCP): is part of a national effort launched by CDC aimed at reducing cancer related morbidity and mortality. * Cancer State Aid Program (CSA): The Cancer State Aid Program was established in 1937 by the Georgia legislature at the request of Georgia physicians to provide cancer treatment to uninsured and under-insured, low-income Georgians. State funds are assigned to CSA by the Georgia Legislature each state fiscal year for payment of cancer related services. * The nine largest insurers in the state now cover recommended cancer screening exams and have agreed to cover the routine costs of care for...
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