Can Going Green Improve Business Productivity?

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: December 10, 2012
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Business Article I: Can going green improve business productivity? This article provides a great example of the concept of “Green Marketing” A concept we discussed in class, it talks about how going green and by marketing the green concept, you can improve the overall state of your business. As the economy and the world are slowly changing the one thing that is becoming more and more evident is the growing concern of the environment. Specifically more and more businesses are trying to go green to help their personal and community impact. The article written by David Mielach specifically talks about what kind of concepts are being implemented in certain businesses and talks about how businesses’ are doing better overall incorporating going green into them.. The numbers of green jobs are rising every year and more and more companies are now recognizing this factor as a new trend to stay relevant in our ever changing economy. According to the research done by Magali Delmas, “on average, employees at companies that observe eco-friendly practices were 16 percent more productive than average employees. The overall clean and efficient atmosphere of the work place encourages more efficiency. Therefore not only is the idea of the green movement good for the environment but it is good for your employees and the overall state of your business. These employees working in a green establishment are more motivated, receive more training and ultimately benefit from better interpersonal relationships. In Mielach’s article he goes on to talk about how the study was conducted. Delmas who is an environmental economic at UCLA examined data from over 5,000 French companies. The researchers involved suggested that the boost in productivity from these companies are tied to employees seeing the green companies as a sign of positive work and doing something right and encouraged better cooperation and organization between the workers. Another important...
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