How to Be an Effective Supervisor

Topics: Communication, Employment, Leadership Pages: 7 (2569 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Best Practices Manual for Supervisors
By: Carla E. Elder
Date: October 11, 2010
Instructor: Shannon Stahl


This manual is for those who want to learn how to be an effective and productive supervisor in their department. Being able to communicate, training, and provide a safe and exciting environment within your company is essential, and how you treat your employees can determine your skills at being a successful in your supervisory duties. In this manual, you will find a few pointers on how to accomplish this goal.


Chapter 1:Demonstrating Communication Skills
Chapter 2:Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods Chapter 3:Improving Productivity for Teams
Chapter 4:Conducting Performance Appraisals
Chapter 5:Resolving Conflict
Chapter 6:Improving Employee Relations

CHAPTER 1:Demonstrating Communication Skills
In this chapter you will learn what communication means and how to demonstrate effective communication skills. What is communication? It’s the act of exchanging information. It can be used to, command, instruct, assess, influence, and persuade other people. It is important for all aspects of life, including business. People communicate every day. Having good communication skills can affect how successful a supervisor is within his or her department. Some of the things that are useful when communicating with employees are: * Communicating with employees is vital for supervisors. They must be able to be clear and precise when giving instructions to employees so that they are able to perform effectively. By being able to communicate effectively they can motivate their workers so that they are excited about work. Being able to listen and allow others to voice their opinions and views are vital when supervising others. * Learning to interact between individuals involves sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages. The purpose of communicating in this manner is so that the sender is understood and the receiver understands. This type of communication is called interpersonal communication. Sometimes this type of communication can fail due to poor listening habits, inadequate communication skills, insufficient feedback, and inappropriate assumptions. Remember that interpretations if not assumed correctly can cause problems that otherwise if heard or interpreted correctly would not have causes so much chaos.

Learning the semantics of words can determine how people interpret them. Choosing them carefully and making sure that they are defined clearly when used helps when communicating effectively. Every individual has their own unique perception. We as humans often perceive the same situation in different ways. What one may hear the other may not, which can cause a simple statement to be taken out of context. Learning to communication effectively is important in all aspects of life and to be the supervisor that excels above and beyond, calls for being able to communicate with employees, effectively, efficiently, and productively.

Chapter 2: Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods How do you determine what is correct when orientating and training new employees? There are various procedures used to orientate employees and it varies based on the individual company. The is no on-time orientation process, but it is ongoing and for as long as an employee works with a specific company, the orientation process can continue depending on the employees ability to advance. It is the job of both the supervisor and the human resource department to orientate the employee into the new company environment. The supervisor’s job is to ensure that the employee makes a safe and successful transition into the department and with fellow co-workers. A good supervisor takes time to explain to the employee about the company, what is expected of the employee, job duties, rules, regulations, policies and procedures,...
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