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Company Workbook

Company Name:


Company Information Sheet
Sources for company information:
Company annual report that may be downloaded from company website.

Company name: Callaway

Address: 2180 Rutherford Road, Carlsbad, CA 92008-7328

Ticker symbol: ELYTraded on: NYSE

Company officers:
Mr. Oliver G. Brewer III
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bradley J. Holiday
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Alex Mitchell Boezeman
Managing Director of East Asia
Dr. Alan Hocknell
Senior Vice President of Research and Develop.
Mr. Neil Howie
Managing Director of EMEA

Sporting and Athletics Goods Manufacturing Industry

Market segments/products:
Golf accessories such as golf bags, golf gloves, golf headwear, footwear, footwear, towels, umbrellas, and pre-owned golf products.

Market capitalization: $491.9 MRank:
Sales: $834.1 MRank:
R&D*: $29.5 MR&D/Sales:
Marketing and sales*: M&S/Sales:
Stock price: $6.93
Debt/Total assets: 49.5x

High and low stock prices for the last five years:

Major competitors:
Competitor name: Fortune Brands (FO)
Market capitalization: $5.8 B Rank:
Sales: $3.6 BRank:
R&D: $ 320 MR&D/Sales:
Marketing and sales: M&S/Sales:
Stock price: $35.31

Competitor name: Adidas
Market capitalization: $21.55 BRank:
Sales: $19.49 BRank:
R&D: $ 194 MR&D/Sales:
Marketing and sales:M&S/Sales:
Stock price: $102.46

Competitor name: Nike (NKE)
Market capitalization: $53.6 BRank:
Sales: $24.13 B Rank:
R&D: $ 1.88 BR&D/Sales:
Marketing and sales: M&S/Sales:
Stock price: $59.95

Other comments of interest:

News worthy items (Wall Street Journal, etc.):
General and Economic Environment

Economic characteristics: (Source:; Standard and Poor’s Industry Survey; Wall Street Journal)

Last year: 15094 B
Last quarter: 14943 B
Projected: 15557 B

Interest rates: (Source: CNBC,
T-bills (3 month): 0.07%Trading range (last year):
5-year Notes: 0.7%Trading range (last year):
10-year Notes:1.75%Trading range (last year):
30-year Bonds: 2.93%Trading range (last year):
Prime rate: 3.25%
LIBOR: 1.013%

Anticipated monetary policy: (Short-term and long-term.) (Source: Wall Street Journal, The Economist)

Anticipated fiscal policy: (Short-term and long-term.)

Foreign exchange: The changes in foreign currency rates can have a significant effect on the Company’s financial results. The Company enters into foreign currency exchange contracts to mitigate the effects of changes in foreign currency rates. While these foreign currency exchange contracts can mitigate the effects of changes in foreign currency rates, they do not eliminate those effects, which can be significant. These effects include (i) the translation of results denominated in foreign currency into U.S. dollars for reporting purposes, (ii) the mark-to-market adjustments of certain intercompany balance sheet accounts denominated in foreign currencies, and (iii) the mark-to-market adjustments on the Company’s foreign currency exchange contracts. In general, the Company’s overall financial results are affected positively by a weaker U.S. dollar and are affected negatively by a stronger U.S. dollar as compared to the foreign currencies in which the Company conducts its business. During 2012, the Company’s financial results were negatively affected by the translation of sales denominated in foreign currencies into U.S. dollars.

Commodity prices: N/A
Inflation: N/A

Political: Terrorist activities and armed conflicts could have an adverse effect upon the United States or worldwide economy and could cause...
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