Westward Hilton

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Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton

Hiller Hotels is a very prominate hotel business in Phoenix, Arizona. This company has a wide range of middle class and upscale hotels and also has a few restaurants. Peter Green, executive vice president for operation, has been employed with the company for more than 10 years. Hospitality has been a part of Green’s life since his teenage year. Green worked over the years and gained experience of a general manager. In 2000 Green was hired by the Hiller Company as a consultant. The Westward Hilton was brought out of bankruptcy by Hiller Hotels. After years of working with owners, management, employees and customers, the hotel was on top and very profitable. After years as the general manager at the Westward, it was time for Green to move into his corporate position. After his leaving, Westward Hilton had several general managers to come through, but never like Green. Westward Hilton was in the top of all the Hilton Hotels and their profits had increased over 200%, so why did Green as executive vice president for operation, fell it was the time to sell the Westward Hilton and why would it be so hard? It was really hard for Green to make a decision to sell the Westward Hilton, because it was a child that he had given birth to. By him being the first GM for the hotel he really put his all into making it the top hotel that it came to be. Greens vision for the Westward Hilton was based on two things employees’ loyalty and customer service. Green felt that the Westward Hilton needed to have its own identity and be the kind of hotel that would attract the individual business traveler that. The Westward Hilton was a 13 story, full service hotel built in 1992 (Enz, 2010). Avery nice hotel in Phoenix, the hotel was 151, 00 square feet with 300 avaliable guest rooms. It also had conference rooms, executive offices, and a fitness center (Enz, 2010)....
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