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Corporate social action of Cadbury

Cadbury Schweppes is one of the renowned companies, which manufactures, distributes, and markets huge variety of confectionary and beverage product. Cadbury and Schweppes were merged in 1969, and since then the company has started to manufacture different renowned products like Cadbury chocolates, 7Up, Oasis, and Orangina. The company, which is establishing different confectionary and beverage products, is employing 50,000 people worldwide

Cadbury’ approach to corporate social responsibility was influenced by its founder philosophy of fair treatment to employee and contribution to the community. Cadbury started the action with beverage, as tea and coffee business promoting tea and coca as alternative to alcohol for workers. When Bourneville factory was established in 1879, they believed that profitable business required healthy communities. The family had a Quaker background and social benefit was a value they upheld. The motivating approach of Cadbury was promoting prosperous, sustainable, educated and inclusive communities because they were good for business. In 2001 they started a programme which was based on five areas human rights and employment standards; ethical sourcing and procurement; marketing, food and consumer issues; environment, health and safety; and community investment.

They started sponsoring community-focused events, training or employing the community people, donating the materials, products, promotional materials, equipment and furniture.

The actions of Cadburys social actions are:

Cadbury Schweppes’ Community Investment Programme (CIP) was developed by management and staff to help support three principal areas of focus: education and enterprise; health and welfare; and the enviroment.

The first is illustrated by the Enterprise in Schools scheme, which builds on the company’s own experience with the communities around its Birmingham headquarters. In 1999 the company decided to broaden...
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