Cache Level 3 Activity

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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| |I have planned to carry-out a creative activity where the children will create different | |Activity and aim |pictures of their favourite animals using animal sponges. My aim of this activity is to | | |get the children to recognise the colours of different kinds of animals and being able to | | |independently choose which animal they want to use. | | |I will plan this activity by talking to the room manager about how I plan to carry-out the| |How will you plan and carry out the|activity. I will ensure I am well organised so that I can prepare for this activity. | |activity? | | |What will you do? | | |What resources |I have chosen to do this activity with a small group of children such as 3 at a time. I | |will you need? Group size –small |will need aprons for the children, different coloured paints – green, grey, black etc and | |group or whole class. |sponges. | |Additional support needed. |N/A | |Differentiation. Learning styles | | |What areas of learning will be |This activity will cover the areas of communication and physical (fine motor skills). | |covered? Link to curriculum in | | |placement....
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