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This chapter comprises all the details concerning the company’s name, nature, and products/services sales. It also discusses the mission, vision and goals of the company. A. NAME, NATURE, AND PRODUCTS/SERVISES

CAMME CROCHET ENTERPRISE comes from the initial name of the producers which C for Cristine, A for Anacel, M for Mae, M for Marjiery and E for Efril and it becomes CAMME who are the owners of the innovative crochet fabric. This business will be known to the consumer especially to the bicolanos and also for the Balik-Bayan Citizens. The product has its own uniqueness and its attractions to the consumer. The used Fabric will be made of yarn and thread which are abundant in the local area. B. MISSION

CAMME CROCHET ENTERPRISE will produce an innovative and original design of fabric that is affordable, ready to use and acceptable in all types of status of living. VISION
The CAMME CROCET ENTERPRISE will be the leading producer of innovative crochet product made of locally and available materials that will create a big effect in the market. OBJECTIVES:
To introduce innovative crochet fabric product in the market from abundant supply recourses in the local area.
To promote costumer high quality of crochet fabric.
To become a leading enterprise and innovative crochet product. GOALS
Produce high quality product
Develop sustainable start up business
Promote economic growth.

Chapter III
Marketing Plan
This chapter discusses the product, packaging and label. It also tackles target market, the demand and supply of the product based from the demand of the customer. Moreover, it identifies the pricing strategy, projected sale, marketing strategy, as well as the marketing expenses of the product. A.Product/Service to sell

CAMME crochet enterprise is fascinated in producing crochet product which is known for its quality and peculiarity which makes it more attractive to the market. B.Target Market
The products’ target markets are adult and teenage individuals even with low incomes who can afford to buy the product. The primarily costumers are residents from Partido area, but in three years the company is expected to cater costumers all over the region.

C.Demand and supply Analysis
Persons attract crochet product
Total population (100)Percentage (%)

Willing to use crochet product
Total population (100)Percentage (%)

Willing to buy crochet product
Total population (100)Percentage (%)

Willing to try CAMME innovative crochet product
Total population (100)Percentage (%)

Based from the demand survey of the CAMME innovative crochet product over 100%, 80% of them are willing to try the crochet product because of its quality and uniqueness. D.Packaging and Labeling

Packaging of finished product must be completely attractive to create different feature that could catch the attention of the customer and lead them to endorse and patronize the product. The company will pack the product individually in a transparent plastic for retail and one dozen per box for wholesale. The label of the product is made up of different combinations of ideas from the group. It shows the picture of the product.

E. Pricing Strategy
Unit cost = (Fixed cost+Variable Cost)/quantity
= (20.86+110.413)/1
= 131.273
Mark up price = (Unit Cost)/(1-Dsired Return on Sales)
= 131.273/(1-.63)
= 131.273/.37
= 354.7918919/P355
Cell Phone Case
Unit cost = ( 20.86+108.413)/15
= 201.273/15
= 13.4182
Mark up price = 13.4182/(1-0.73)
= 13.4182/.27
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