Business Strategy Game Simulation

Topics: Marketing, Expected value, Expectation Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Decision of Y11
This was the first decision within this game , we tried to maintain the expected values of the investors and we succeeded in achieving good values within the performance objectives , advertisement and Rebate offer were considered as competitive strength for the 3 Market segments ( wholesale , private label and internet sales ) and the S/Q rating is considered to be competitive weakness within the 3 market segments , so we have to concentrate more in improving the S/Q rating in the coming year decisions . After posting the decision of Y12 and the results are published , i realized there is decline in the trend of value of Value of ROE to 11.40% compared with that of year Y11 , and also for the stock price to 21 $ compared of Y11 which is 36$ and also for the value of earning per share to 1.99$ which below the value of Y11 and also below the investor expectation for this year . So actions were taken to improve these performance objectives for the coming year y13. After publishing the results of y13 , I checked company intelligence reports to check the competitive weakness for each region , I realized that by adjusting these factors this will help in improving the image rating of our company , For example we have to work for S/Q rating, rebate offer , delivery time and celebrity appeal for wholesale segment for North American Region . Also we have to pay attention for celebrity appeal and S/Q rating for the internet segment for the same region . also I checked the performance reports of the company , all the performance measures meets the investor expectations , except the company image rating , which I will take decisions which helps i improving the company image rating
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