Business Strategy for Perodua

Topics: Marketing, Management, Strategic management Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: February 21, 2011
i. Executive summary

1.0 General Business description
1.1 Business concept
1.2 Vision statement
1.3 Mission statement
1.4 key success factor
1.5 Capital requirement 2.0 Product and services
2.1 Product description
2.2 Service description
3.0 Marketing plan
3.1 Market size
3.2 Target market
3.3 Market statistics and trends
3.4 Competitive environment
3.5 Swot analysis
3.6 Business risks 4.0 Marketing plan
4.1 Pricing strategy
5.0 Operation plan
5.1 Milestones
5.2 Operational support systems
6.0 Human resource plan
7.0 Financial plan

Business Proposal

RD is a small business intended to serve coffee cafe with mix of casual food items, message in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The primary purpose of RD is to generate profit by offering the most value added service to customer, make cafe experience a traditional. RD is dedicated to offer the most wonderful, convenient cafe experience to its customers. MISSION STATEMENT

* To provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food, coffee, services and entertainment. PURPOSE OF BUSINESS:-
* The purpose of a business is to create a customer.
* To capture the large market in Mix Cafe business with the new taste of coffee, pastries and foods. * Generate return on investment to shareholders
* To become the one of the ‘MOST PREFERRED’ Café in Kuching. * To capture sizeable market to expand.
* Building and maintaining an exclusive relationship with our suppliers on a daily basis * Recruit and train staff,...
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