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  • Published: January 19, 2013
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Mobile Advertising
Written by: Elyse Silverman
ID: 0678153
Lumus Marketing Manager
March 11th, 2011
With the advent of Lumus's new mobile marketing strategy, Lumus must take caution to ensure the proper execution of such strategy for a maximum return of success. This report covers all the practices needed to successfully reach our target consumers using accommodated advertisements through the mobile channel. It outlines the optimal steps to be taken to implement Lumus’s mobile advertising campaign. From the use of secondary research and credible sources, the dominant qualities necessary to have a successful mobile advertisement become clear. Much research has shown similar results as to which strategies work well versus which do not. Key Points

The most important focus in implementing a successful mobile advertising strategy is the attributes within the advertisement itself. Findings have shown particular key features that are essential to a successful mobile advertisement. It must contain only information that is relevant to the receiver of the advertisement, it must be short and concise, entertaining, and interactive in order to give individuals the opportunity to respond or click to attain more information about Lumus.

For mobile advertisements to gain maximal acceptance, they must not be over-sent, consumers must not view them as spam and they must assume some control over the type and amount of ads they are receiving. Due to privacy laws and additionally, the negative view people tend to have when receiving unauthorized ads, it is best to provide some sort of incentive to obtain consumer permission to send advertisements to their phone. This is taking a permission-based marketing approach together with incentive-based marketing, creating a reason for people to allow the ad to be received to their phone and leading towards greater consumer acceptance of the ad.

After gaining permission from individuals to send advertisements to...
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