Business Proposal for La Orange Enterprises

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1.1 Introduction
The La Orange Enterprise is a start-up venture for five business partner and they are ______________________. Our team will be retiring from their regular professions starting in the spring of year 2010. The oranges farm is intended to provide the company with an opportunity for post-retirement work and income, plus an opportunity for all of them to continue their individual research programs on agriculture and nutrition from oranges fruits. Approximately 80 acres of prime oranges fruit growing land is to be acquired, using owner's equity and a federal farm assistance loan. The oranges farm will be jointly owned by six business partner and will be set up as a Limited Liability Company chartered in Malaysia. 1.2 Products, Services and Customer Problem Solving

Our companies have the oranges farm and we develop the products from oranges fruits and the product include, food, accessory, medicine, cosmetic and clothes. Customer can try and eat fruits from farm and buy our product and fruits. We also provide the services to customer such as tour guide, café, train tour, delivery product and we produce the “smart dustbin” and the function is customer can throw away the skin fruits to the smart dustbin. The customer problem, we have identified to solve such as:

* Finding new customers
* Keeping existing customers
* Selling more to existing customers
* Improving customer service
* Reducing personnel costs
* Reducing customer complaints
* Decreasing time to market
* Improving market share (or mind share)
* Taking advantage of new technology
* Improving morale
* Developing new products
* Leaving markets or closing unit

1.3 Product and Service Market
Our company markets the products all over Malaysia and provides the advertising in media electronic or media cast. We are also cooperating with FAMA, MARDI to be achieving the performance in our company. 1.4 Benefits of Orange

Orange is high in vitamin C. The thin membrane that covers the segments contains a digestion-aiding factor, and should always be eaten. They have the same therapeutic value as oranges. The attractiveness of this crop is that fresh, high-quality orange are sweet tasting and low in calories. 1.5 Nutrients in one pound

Calories| 160| Iron| 1.3 mg |
Protein| 2.6 g | Vitamin A| 1,360 I.U. |
Fat| 1 g | Thiamine| 0.22 mg |
Carbohydrates| 35.1 g| Riboflavin| 0.08 mg |
Calcium| 106 mg | Niacin| 0.8 mg |
Phosphorus| 74 mg | Ascorbic acid | 99 mg |
Nutrients: High in Vitamin and Mineral; Vitamin A, B, C. calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and chlorine. Medical nutritious: High in Vitamin C able to covert the body from censer stimulates blood flow and inside and outside injures get well faster. With high in Calcium can be teeth stronger and health. Orange also good in defend from toothache and osteoporosis. Vitamin B is one of main source to protect baby handicapped in womb and heart attack. High in fiber name pectin was proved able to capable feeling hungry. Besides that, orange can less cholesterol in blood. So, it’s always being a favorite in slimming body product. Orange juice also able medicate asthma, tuberculosis, fever, relieve bronchitis disease with stimulate the saline in lung and flow out plenty of phlegm and protect the lung from infection again the virus. It’s also effective in solve indigestible problem especially constipation and dyspepsia chronic. The orange husk can be a high quality thread .So, its can make like clothes, jersey, handicraft, and souvenir. 1.5 The Market

1.5.1 Agriculture industry
It is now unnecessary for Malaysia to depend on orange import at every celebration Chinese New Year season because our company has the ability to yield local oranges. In addition, orange tree yield out whole of year. The product on first year are yield out 4 years after about 8,000 kg/ha and commonly will attain maximum...
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