Business Proposal

Topics: Track and field athletics, Navigation, Radio navigation Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: April 21, 2011
1701 Lake Street * Traverse City, Michigan 49685
(231) 946-8845 * Fax: (231) 946-8846 * E-mail: March 19, 2011

Mr. Doneta Zachs
Midwest Express
338 S.W. 6th
Des Moines, Iowa 50321

Dear Mr. Zach’s:

Subjects: Proposal for Air-Tracking System

Air-Trak is the GPS tracking system of choice for companies needing performance and Reliability. Combining the latest web technologies from Microsoft with powerful functionality, This advanced GPS tracking solution is backed by exceptional International based customer support. Improve your bottom line by using the most comprehensive and complete GPS tracking available today.

Air- Trak will provide the following to your company:
• Making sure vehicles follow prescribed routes with minimal loitering time • The Air-Trak database includes long-haul focused points of interest (POIs) • Truckers, no more lugging your GPS system, Breakdown Directory with you! Conveniently download this database to your compatible device and hit the road. • Comparisons between scheduled and actual travel

• Enhanced security to protect both drivers and cargos
Routine optimization, in which fleet managers can analyze routes and destinations to find the time and fuel efficient path for each vehicle. Knowing the exact location and status of your vehicles and employees is vital to the smooth Operation of your business. At Air- Trak, we understand. Our cutting edge web display keeps you Up-to-date on the status and locations of your tracked employees and assets.

Mr. Doneta Zachs Page 2 March 19, 2011
Our goal here at Air-Trak is to equip our partners with the understanding, skills and go-to-market tools that win sales based on the delivery of imaginative geo-imaging solutions. We here at Air- Trak know that action speak louder than words, that is why we are offering to new potential customers a 30 day free trail Were we will equip two of your trucks with the GPS tracking system. Enclose is a copy...
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